Fisherman’s Friend exhibition at Fleetwood Museum

In Spring 2020 a special temporary exhibition at Fleetwood Museum will tell the fascinating story of Fisherman’s Friend. And the museum is keen for anyone with Fisherman’s Friend memorabilia or a connection to the iconic lozenge to get in touch.

In 1865, Fleetwood pharmacist James Lofthouse created his own menthol and eucalyptus liquid for local fishermen to take at sea, giving relief in the harsh and freezing conditions of the north Atlantic. Later made in lozenge form, what came to be known as ‘Fisherman’s Friend’ had been born. Originally sold in the local Lofthouse Chemist shop in Fleetwood, Fisherman’s Friend now produces over 5 billion lozenges annually in the Fleetwood factory, sold in over 100 countries around the world.

The exhibition will tell the inspiring story of Fisherman’s Friend. It will explore the original idea and creation of the product in 1865, charting the development and growth of this proud Fleetwood business.

“We are really excited to be working with Lofthouse of Fleetwood Limited to create this exhibition” says Ben Whittaker, Manager at Fleetwood Museum. “Fisherman’s Friend is a real success story for the town of Fleetwood which we want to celebrate. They have a fascinating history – we will tell the story of how James Lofthouse developed the product in response to a demand from local fishermen, and also how Doreen Lofthouse was instrumental in developing Fisherman’s Friend to what we know today. Visitors to the exhibition will also be surprised to know how popular Fisherman’s Friend is around the world – with some exotic flavours only available overseas.”

Museum Manager Ben Whittaker at Fleetwood Museum

The exhibition will feature objects charting the history of Fisherman’s Friend and examples of Fisherman’s Friend memorabilia from over the years. It will also reveal some fascinating secrets such as the story behind the famous fishing boat logo.

Duncan Lofthouse, Managing Director at Lofthouse of Fleetwood Limited says “Over 150 years since James Lofthouse produced our first lozenge, Fisherman’s Friend is still a family-owned business. Fleetwood has always been – and always will be – at the heart of our story. That’s why we are delighted to be supporting Fleetwood Museum’s local exhibition that goes back to our roots and highlights historical milestones.”

Fleetwood Museum is keen to hear from anyone who may have a piece of Fisherman’s Friend memorabilia they would be willing to loan or donate for the exhibition, or to share a story or memory related to Fisherman’s Friend that could potentially feature in the display. To share a story or offer an object contact or 01253876621.

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