John Baker talking about the Harriet

Our 1st Blog! Happy birthday to the Harriet!

Ben Whittaker, Museum Manager, on a special anniversary:

This is the first blog article to appear on our new website – a very exciting moment!

The museum will be holding two talks to mark the birthday of one our most important (and biggest) objects – the Harriet.

Harriet is our Fleetwood fishing smack, launched on August 30th, 1893. On August 30th, we will mark 125 years to the day that she was launched with a special talk in the Boat Hall next to Harriet.  One of our volunteers, John Baker, has done lots of research on the Harriet, and will talk about the design, build and launch of the vessel.  And this is only part one!

Part two of John’s series of talks will be on September 22nd, 125 years to the day that Harriet undertook her maiden voyage.  John will talk about this voyage and Harriet’s seagoing life, including some of the more dramatic moments that Harriet experienced, and how she came to be at Fleetwood Museum.

Both talks are in the boat hall with Harriet as a magnificent backdrop. Attendance is free but, as ever, donations to the museum will be welcome.

Why not pop into the museum on 30th August and September 22nd, and find out more about one of the gems of Fleetwood’s maritime heritage.

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