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School bookings to continue through the transitional period of transfer from Lancashire County Council to Fleetwood Museum Trust.

Fleetwood Museum Trust is working with Lancashire County Council’s Heritage Learning Team to ensure the continuance of the high standards set for school visits. Please call the Heritage Team on 01772 535075 or 01772 535327 if you wish to make a booking.

Fleetwood Museum

This Grade II listed building that once housed Fleetwood’s 19th Century Customs House, gives your pupils the opportunity to step back in time. Through role-play and object handling sessions, your pupils are given the opportunity to explore and discover Fleetwood’s heyday as a Victorian Seaside resort or find out more about its industrious fishing heritage. Contact Telephone Number:  01772 535075 or 01772 535327 

The Museum has a fantastic schools offer and is often inundated with school children enjoying informal learning in unusual and inspiring settings. Schools visit from all over Lancashire and surrounding areas -some even from Yorkshire, to enjoy our special event; the “Victorian Seaside Holiday” (Punch & Judy is not to be missed!) or to visit our Victorian Landlady in her seaside boarding house. Children dress up in Victorian costume and get a chance to handle Victorian artefacts. The feedback from the schools is very positive and rewarding.

“I loved the boats best” William, aged 6.

School Sessions-all year round at Fleetwood Museum

Victorian Boarding House (1hr)
As Victorian holiday makers your pupils will meet our boarding house owner who will give an insight in to many aspects of Victorian seaside holidays and an insight in to the hard work involved in running a Victorian Boarding House. Your pupils will help with the daily chores and through active participation and object handling (including Victorian toys) your children will be enthralled. KS1 & KS2

Fishing in Fleetwood (1hr)
Through a variety of activities your pupils will gain an insight in to the highs and lows of the fishing industry in Fleetwood. Personal stories from Fleetwood’s heyday-1920-1960s- to discussions of the town’s fishermen’s roles during two world wars and on to the decline of the huge fishing industry.KS2 & KS3

Handling Session (1hr)
We also have an hour long object handling session to complement both the Fishing in Fleetwood and the Victorian Boarding House sessions.

Local History Themed Tours (1hr)
The museum also offers guided tours of the town and the museum galleries, focusing on the fascinating story of the new planned Victorian Seaside town and its idealistic founder-Sir Peter Hesketh Fleetwood.  You can also spend some time in the galleries finding out more about fishing and about “Harriet” our fishing smack-a forerunner to the modern day trawler. Worksheets are available if required.
Note: You can choose combinations of sessions to suit your particular requirements and that of your pupils.

Cost per 2 hour session: £2.50 per LEA pupil, £3.00 per non-LEA pupil
To enquire about booking any of the sessions (we take bookings for these all year round) or to discuss further, please call 01772 535075 or 01772 535327

“The practical dressing up session helped children visualise differences from then and now” Year 1 class teacher.

Special Event in May 2018


The Victorian Seaside Holiday 14th – 25th May 2018

Cost per session: £4.00 per LEA pupil, £4.50 per non-LEA pupil  

Victorian Seaside Holiday
Fleetwood Museum will be hosting the annual Victorian Seaside Holiday Special Event which delights pupils (and teachers!) with the following sessions:
The class will have the opportunity to dress up, just like Victorians and pose for a group photograph! This session also allows pupils to discover more about the Victorian seaside holiday by exploring lantern slides and various Victorian objects. (The photographs are sent to the school).
Steam Trains
How did people get to the seaside in the Victorian times? Discover more about the importance of steam trains and how they work in a session focusing on history and the advancement of technology.
Pebble and Shell Pictures
Just like today, the Victorian holiday weather was unpredictable! Pupils will discover how Victorian children would have entertained themselves on a rainy day by the sea and make their own souvenir to take back to school.
The Victorian Boarding House
Pupils will discover the hard work involved in Victorian life and help with the daily tasks involved in running a seaside boarding house. They will learn more about Victorian toys and pastimes and about the popularity of the area as
a seaside holiday location during the Victorian period.
The Finale
The absolutely fantastic and amazing…
Punch and Judy!!
“That’s the way to do it!!”

With the help of Adrian Warrell, re-enactment specialist, pupils discover what life was like for children living in Victorian Britain, what seaside holidays were like in the past and much more…
For further information, to check availability and to book, please telephone 01772 535075 or 01772 535327

Booking forms, Simply Schools brochure and further information can be found at: (awaiting new brochures for 2018)


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